Self Promotion - Branding
I have been working on branding myself for years now. I finally came up with a logo that I was happy with.  This was done for my Self Promotion class.  What you will see below are pieces for my portfolio show. Before I graduate we have a portfolio show to showcase our work. I have photography cards with my logo on the back that I made to showcase my photography. All the containers you see below are from re-purposed material. I took apart an old dish rack and made customized containers for my work. I really like working with wood and especially driftwood. I like the natural look it gives off. The container for my business cards is perfect. Cheers!
Here are some of the pieces that you would see at my portfolio show. Thank you cards, photography cards, my personal business card, and my portfolio. All keeping with the theme of wood from my portfolio to my nature photography cards.
 Here you see my photography cards. I love to photograph nature. Hiking and backpacking are in my soul.. I take my camera with me everywhere I go. You never know when you might just get the perfect photograph. This is also going to be one of my "leave behinds", for people to look at and take as they are looking at my art work.
Here you see one of the containers I made to showcase my work. You can see how the re-purposed wood and the nature photography go well together. I really enjoyed making these and was happy to see how well they turned out!
These are postcards that I made along with my photography.
This is to showcase my renderings. What an excellent way to use renderings to make greeting cards.
For my thank you cards, I wanted to play with typography a bit. I wanted to keep it simple and to the point.
This is another "leave behind" for my portfolio show. I had stickers made with my logo on them.
Here you see the front of my portfolio book. I wanted to stay with the wood them.  I stained the wood and added a piece of driftwood in the middle to keep it simple. 
Here you see my portfolio book. I wanted to keep with the wood them by making my portfolio cover out of wood and one simple driftwood piece in the center. I like the size and simplicity it gives off.  By drilling a hole in the wood for the ring that binds it together, allows you to easily to take in and out out pages.
New portfolio:  I will have this filled up with all my work and photography by my portfolio show on March 21, 2013! Cannot wait!
Here you can see my logo design on my business card. I went with mini card design because I like the simplicity of them.
This shows the front and back on my personal business card along with the customized container that I made for them.
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