Seed Packaging
Package Design "Seed Pops"
This is project I did for package design class.  We had to come up with our very own Seed Packaging.  This includes our own logo, and everything had to be our own original design. I took all the original photography.
 I went to a local farmer's market and bought produce.  I then went home and made my own still life.  I used driftwood to place them on.  I wanted to get as much natural light as possible, therefore decided to take the photos outside.  After getting the photos just like I wanted them, I then placed them in my design for the seed packet, as you will see below.  I used organic recycled paper for my packets. To hold them together I used twine and a needle.  I made another package inside the seed packet to put the actual seeds in.  Overall, for the final packaging, the look and feel came out the way I wanted them to.

The final product, "Seed Pops"
Here you can see the final packaging of "Seed Pops". You can also see how I used the twine to sew throw the paper to give it an organic look to go along with the recycled paper.
This shows the back of the packaging.  I kept the layout all the same, just changing the content for each package.
This shows the digital design for the front and the back of the seed packets. This is how I set it up to be printed on paper with no fill color.
 This is the digital design with the fill color showing the front of the seed packets. You can see how I laid everything out to be printed onto paper.
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