Raleigh Little Theatre
Non Profit Re-branding

This is for a non-profit organization re-branding project.  The idea was to pick an organization and re-brand it. I picked The Raleigh Little Theatre because they have charm.  The theatre does many theatrical plays. There is a rose garden in the back courtyard that I decided to play into the logo. It shows elegance along with the idea of what it is known for, the plays. There are several pieces to complete the re-branding project. I came up with my own play and made tickets, a program, and a "leave behind." The leave behind is a mask that you can pick up on the way in or on the way out that has their information on it.
This is the final logo design. I wanted to capture what the Raleigh Little Theatre is really about. One thing the Raleigh Little Theatre is known for is their beautiful rose garden, so I wanted to capture that in their logo.  I also wanted to keep things simple, so I used just a mask to go along with the rose. Elegance and simplicity were the two things I was going for with this design.
Re-branded letterhead and envelope design.
For the business card design, I wanted to keep everything flowing together. By placing the logo on the back for one card using color. On the other card for printing purposes and saving money, I wanted to keep it a B & W design.
 This is a program I designed for a musical. I plan on trying to challenge myself and make more including a poster for an upcoming play or musical that is being performed there.
These are tickets that you would purchase for the play or musical.
This is a "leave behind". Basically the idea here is, this would be a fun mask passed out during a play or you can pick it up going or leaving a play or musical to remember The Raleigh Little Theatre by. This can be a strong promotional asset to their company.
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