Package Design
Steampunk Assembly Kit "Steamtrunk"

This was a project I did for my Package Design class. The idea here is for you to purchase a box inside the packaging as you see below.  You would then have instructions of where you could place all your steampunk items that came with the kit.  This is where you see all the bags listed A, B, C, and so forth. The overall feel
was to be handmade, since you were making your own "Steamtrunk" box.  I made the entire box from scratch, finding some of my steampunk items and materials myself, and ordering the rest.  It was a very fun project,
but a lot of work!

This is the final "Steamtrunk" box. You can see the packing that I made out of stencils. I wanted to keep the feel as re-usable as possible since I was using re-purposed material.
 This is where it shows the packaging inside the Steampunk Assembly Kit. Everything is labeled, so you will know where to place the items from looking at the directions that come with the box.
Here is the finished packaging for "Steamtrunk". I added a steampunk metal flower to finish off the design to make it all tie in together. 
 This is the beginning stages in the packaging process. I am using stencils to lay everything out to get it just the way I need it to work on the packaging.
New Steamtrunk Design: Made a band to go around the boxes that you can put together.
Instructions to put your steampunk items on your steamtrunk!
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