Just Soap
Re-branding for "Just Soap"
"Just Soap" is an on-line store where you can buy natural soap that is blended by a bicycle. This was a group project done in my Art Direction Class. For this project, my role was the photographer and illustrator. This is a one-of-a-kind bicycle-powered soap blender. The idea here is designing and re-branding with a new logo, business card, billboard, pamphlet, soap band, and web page mock-up (that included all my original photography). I took the photos in an outdoor setting by placing the soap on driftwood capturing the natural look that the soap gives off.
This is the final logo design we came up with for "Just Soap". This is all my original photography I took in an outdoor setting capturing natural light.
Here you see the billboard design  as well as the phamphlet, showing the process of power pedal soap.
The is the final design for the band that you will get when purchasing the soap, as you see in the pictures. It would be on the soap as well as the shampoo bars that they sell.
Here you see the business card design. The left is the representing the back of the card and the right is the front. We wanted to keep it round to go along with the bicycle aspect of how they make their soap.
Above is a web page mock-up for their home page. It shows what they do how organic their soap. We wanted to keep the feel of the website to go along with the rest of the pieces, as natural as possible.
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