This is a company that I came up with to promote a business. We had to come up with our own logo and a way to promote it.  For mine, I had to make up a couple that wanted a non-traditional wedding. I then made pieces for their wedding to go with my website, blog, and social networks : Facebook and Twitter.

Non Traditional Wedding Company
Crooked Bow Ties & Lace is a non traditional wedding company and our service can be used in a variety of ways. We can handle the everything from the smallest tasks like invitations or custom napkins, to complete wedding packages. To us it’s important to get to know the couple before the big day, and really find that thing that will make it special.

Wedding invitation
Wedding invitation
Wedding invitation
Wedding coasters and seat cards
Save the Date
App for Crooked Bow Ties & Lace
Social Networks : Facebook page

Social Networks : Facebook page
Social Networks : Blog page

Social Networks: Twitter Page
Website homepage
Updated Website - Mockup Homepage: I made the logo more predominant and changed the background texture to make it a lighter in the design, so you concentrate more on the information.
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